Students Protesting Ferguson Cheer As Police Officer Struck and Dragged By Car

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Wednesday, December 3, Denver, Colorado: Denver Police offer crowd control support to a group of peaceful protestors who staged a march in honor of Mike Brown and Ferguson, Missouri. Shortly after the students cleared the march route, a vehicle sped through an intersection and struck four Denver Police officers. One officer was seriously injured and actually dragged 25 yards after impact.

There are indications that when this incident occurred, some of the protesters could be heard laughing and cheering. Reports of people shouting “hit him again” even made their way into an official report by the union representing the injured officers. Not only were the officers in place to protect the safety of the protesters, but the union claims the march itself was actually illegal.

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March organizers were apparently concerned about the officer and met with police to offer flowers to the officer who is still hospitalized.

In the wake of the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, the time has come for real leadership to emerge and calm the chaos. Every year in this country tragic deaths occur at the hands of the police officers entrusted to protect and serve the public. They are few and far between, however, and rarely can a case be made that race is ever a contributing factor. These facts are not in dispute, and yet there are riots.

What, exactly, were these kids from East High School in Denver, Colorado protesting? To what egregious act are these teens attempting to draw attention?

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On two counts of alleged police brutality, in two separate cities, two independent Grand Juries declined to prosecute police officers involved in the deaths of young black men. Those are the tragic facts. Nothing else to see. More damage has been done to race relations because of these two non-issues than has been done in decades. It is appalling and it is time to start healing. Who will lead?

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