Is Taylor Swift ‘Crossing Over’ In More Than Music? Lesbian Rumors

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When Taylor Swift was a 14 year old Nashville teen sensation, she wrote songs like “Tim McGraw” about pining after a summer love. Later, she would use her numerous teenage break ups, often involving other young celebrities, for inspiration when writing “Just Another Picture To Burn”. Whether she was falling in love or recovering from heartbreak, the details of her love life always seemed to make it onto the next multi-platinum selling album.

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Now 24, the singer has crossed genres and has released her first pop album featuring the smash hit “Shake It Off”, which seems to have no romantic relevance. Although a video and pictures captured at a recent The 1975 concert could be showing a kiss between Swift and gal pal Karlie Kloss, they could just as easily be showing a mess of blonde hair and a conversation. Besides, Swift would have certainly written about being a lesbian, her first girl crush/kiss/break up, etc. by now. Wouldn’t she?

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Regardless, this fascination with the romantic leanings of the rich and famous has grown beyond Kardashianism. What someone does or does not do at a concert with friends is now plastered all over the internet with presumptions and suppositions without any regard for “the other side” of the story. Daily.

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Sources for Swift deny this is video of an impassioned kiss. She and Kloss are friends, just friends, and just friends who model underwear together. Both Swift and Kloss were recently featured in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in London. They held hands.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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