Attack In Jerusalem Supermarket Draws People Like THIS Out

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While we experience a hefty amount of global criticism for the racial protests in Ferguson and the deeper issue surrounding Eric Garner’s death in New York, a two-thousand-year-old racial war continues in Jerusalem where a Palestinian terrorist is shown attacking and injuring two Jewish men with a knife at a Rami Levy supermarket east of Jerusalem.

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The Jerusalem Post reports that although investigators are still not sure if the unnamed Palestinian teenager brought the knife into the grocery (that is staffed by other Palestinians) or stole it from the deli, the boy obviously went in with murder on the mind. The terrorist situated himself between two Jewish men and began stabbing them in the back and heads. One victim was a paramedic who immediately called emergency services despite his moderate injuries. The attacker did not escape unscathed, however, as another shopper (in the orange sweatshirt) was an off-duty security guard for the Prime Minister’s Office that drew his gun and shot the attacker in the foot so that others could hold him down until police arrived.

But the reactions to the situation in the comments below the clip are what this lady found interesting. Let’s do the good news first:


But then comes along another comment that really just knocked me sideways with “crazy ignorant hatred”:



The uneducated and grossly inhumane (translate: Stupid and Hateful) reaction of Mr. Jeff Traube seems to idolize some countries’ attitudes like North Korea and Russia that find America barren of justice in even slightly race-related situations, despite the facts of things like constitutional and legal protocol or judicial evidence. Despite race, religion, or creed, crimes are pursued with true Justice in mind, and she continues to hold the scale true despite the childlike tantrums of people like Jeff Traube.

(h/t: Gateway Pundit)

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