Outrage After Malia Obama Is Sexualized Online With New Rumors And Pictures


December 5, 2014 11:13am PST

It’s been quite a week for Malia Obama, as the 16 year-old first daughter was sexualized online with crude pictures and rumors.

Malia began her week facing attacks from former GOP staffer Elizabeth Lauten, who slammed Malia and her sister Sasha, 13, for their behavior and wardrobe during their father’s Thanksgiving speech.

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“Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at the bar,” Lauten wrote of the girls, who were each wearing short skirts during the life television broadcast. After Lauten posted her rant, the country rallied behind the Obama girls, and the GOP staffer was forced to resign from her post.

However, Malia’s time in the news this week was far from over. Just one day after Lauten resigned, NFL star Darnell Dockett, 33, posted a sexual image of Malia online along with the caption “When is her prom?”


The image focused on the first daughter’s behind, stirring up outrage around the country. Dockett was forced to apologize for the inappropriate image that clearly sexualized an underage girl.

Just after the Dockett story broke, a rumor that Malia Obama was pregnant began to spread across the country like wildfire. The rumor stated that Malia was in her second trimester, and that her parents were attempting to stand by her during this difficult time.

The White House immediately slammed the rumor, saying that it was completely false. Despite the fact that it seems to be a total lie, the rumor only served to sexualize Malia even more in the eyes of the nation.

Within the past seven days, Malia Obama has gone from an innocent child to a sexualized woman in the eyes of the country. Despite her parent’s attempts to shelter her, the cat is out of the bag, and inappropriate attacks of the first daughter are becoming more and more normal.

No matter how we feel about Malia’s parents, it is important to remember that Malia is still only a child. She doesn’t need attacks from Americans during this vulnerable period of her life. Besides, it could be a lot worse: she could be Chelsea Clinton.


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