Muslims Complain About “Foul Odor” From Bacon, Then This Happens

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A few Muslims got their panties in a bunch when a local restaurant was emitting the smell of delicious bacon. Now, officials are saying it is “unacceptable for neighboring residents” to offend Muslims with the odor of bacon. Consequently, the owners of the establishment are being forced to remove an extractor fan meant to improve air circulation in the restaurant. The fan is allowing the bacon smell to get out into public. The horror!

Beverley Akciecek’s neighbors said they felt “physically sick” due to the “foul odor” of bacon coming from her business. Graham Webb-Lee says his Muslim friends won’t visit him because they “can’t stand the smell of bacon.” City planners sided with Webb-Lee and his Islamic friends, ruling that the “odors given off from the vent were unacceptable for neighbouring residents.”

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This, despite the fact that Akciecek says she has Muslim friends and family members who frequent Beverley’s Snack Shack without issue. Clearly, this is an attack on a business owner with views differing from those of radical Islam. Nevertheless, Akciecek will be forced to remove the fan which has been aiding in the ventilation of her shop for three years now.

YoungCons points out that Akciecek has been running her fan for years without any complaints, thus the issue is not as big a deal as the intolerant Muslims have made it out to be. If Christians were complaining about a business owned by Muslims, the left would never let us hear the end of it. Share this report to expose the hypocrisy of progressives and the intolerance of radical Islam.

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