Coulter Claims Garner Was The Gentle Giant, Not Mike Brown

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download (4)On CNN Tonight, Ann Coulter calls out Eric Garner’s case as being what the liberals were hoping Ferguson would be because in contrast to the behavior of Michael Brown, Garner really was a “gentle giant.”

Claiming that this incident was not about race at all. Coulter argued from the standpoint that the catalyst to the protest over police aggression is that it was in the line of defense over a trivial stupid law: cigarette tax enforcement.

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Coulter claimed that  liberals seem to miss the fact that this incident is, in effect, what they were hoping Ferguson would be.  But liberals seem to be less aggravated by Garner’s death because they are okay with the “fascist” tax laws. reports that

“Coulter went on to tell Don Lemon that this is in no way about race and for Mayor Bill de Blasio to act like it was sounded ‘pompous and uncalled for'”.


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