Jenna Bush Hager Opens Up About Sex Act On White House Roof

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Yesterday, former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager made some controversial comments in which she admitted to participating in some sexual “hanky panky” on the White House roof during her father’s presidency.

Today, the Bush twin is attempting to backtrack, saying it “was not the Fifty Shades of Gray thing” people imagined it to be, eluding to the famous erotic novel. Instead, the sexual tryst on the White House roof was actually Jenna’s first kiss with future husband Henry Hager.

“OK, first I have to say I was shocked by the question,” Jenna, 33, told her fellow Today hosts, referring to the question from a caller during her Watch What Happens Live interview. “But my husband and I did have our first kiss on the White House roof. Is that embarrassing?”

She went on to say that the kiss was “pretty innocent,” and has become a dear memory for both her and her husband.

“I want to say two things,” she said. “First of all, it is not the Fifty Shades of Grey thing that people want it to be. It was pretty innocent but really lovely and now, you know, 10 years later, here we are with a child, so it’s a pretty special thing.”

“And then second of all, I think I single-handedly brought back the words hanky panky.”


Today show hosts Carson Daly and Al Roker decided to use this opportunity to get Jenna to open up even more about the incident, asking her if the snipers on the White House roof gave the couple any privacy.

“Well, I mean, maybe there was no privacy,” Jenna admitted. “There probably was no privacy, but in our minds we were the only two people there.”

“But did you cross into canoodling?” Roker pressed the slightly embarrassed young mother.

“No, there was no canoodling thank you,” Jenna clarified. “There was not heavy petting, there was nothing.”

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H/T: Daily Mail

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