“Racists” Thwart Ferguson “March for Justice” by Doing This

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The rural town of Rosebud, Missouri, doesn’t have many residents sympathetic to the plight of Michael Brown. So when 50 Ferguson protesters passed through in the midst of their 7-day march to Jefferson, they were met with a display many are calling “racist.”


Demonstrators participating in the ‘March for Justice’ are walking from Ferguson to the state’s capital in protest of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. The activists, organized by the NAACP, were met by opposition in Rosebud, a town of 400. They were able to continue on their journey, but not before being told to “go home” and “get a job.”

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Some residents placed fired chicken, a melon, and a 40-ounce beer bottle in the street for the marchers. One man came out to stare them down. Wearing a makeshift KKK hood, he stood next to his vehicle, which was decorated with a Confederate flag. Someone even shot at the protesters, breaking the window of a bus traveling with the bunch.


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“I’ve been brought up to know how to deal with people like that,” said marcher Cheyenne Willis. “I ignore them and keep moving forward…The comments that we saw are pure ignorance.”


The NAACP expects about 1,000 people to be part of the final leg of the 120-mile ‘Journey for Justice’ march, which originated at the Canfield Green Apartments near where Michael Brown was shot. The protesters want a new police chief in Ferguson and a national law to prevent racial profiling by law enforcement, which Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to announce in the coming days.


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Do you think what the people of Rosebud, Missouri, did was racist? Leave your opinion below!

H/T: MailOnline

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