Obama Wants American Students to “Honor” Michael Brown by Doing This

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Obama wants the impressionable minds of America’s youngsters to be shaped by liberal academia utilizing the Michael Brown narrative. Figures.

Western Journalism reported that in a recent Twitter post on the official page of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, the Obama Administration shared an article detailing how teachers can use the shooting death of Mike Brown in planning lessons.

Among the suggestions in the five-step plan to inject Michael Brown into classroom discussions, was the advice to create a “classroom memorial” for the deceased robbery suspect. The Obama Administration also backed the article’s assertion that teachers should keep Michael Brown in their lesson plans “for the rest of the year.”

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Responses to the idea were overwhelmingly negative.

There has been an over abundance of absurdity to come out of the realm of public education lately, but this sure takes the cake. Share this report if you believe that American students have more important things to learn than the story of a thug like Michael Brown.

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