You Won’t Believe What Eric Holder Has Planned Once He Leaves Office

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Attorney General Eric Holder is planning to open an “Institute for Justice” when he retires from his position. The new endeavor will help him continue his “work” with race relations in America. TIME reports that “Holder has begun drafting plans to continue his work rebuilding the relationship between local law enforcement and the black community after he leaves public office next year.”

“This whole notion of reconciliation between law enforcement and communities of color is something that I really want to focus on and to do so in a very organized way,” Holder said on Tuesday. “Not just as Eric Holder, out there giving speeches—though certainly that could be a part of it—but to have maybe a place where this kind of effort is housed and to be associated with that kind of an entity.”

Holder has embarked on a nationwide tour to brainstorm with local law enforcement and civil rights leaders regarding recent controversial cases like Michael Brown and Eric Garner. His plans for the Institute of Justice will extend the same agenda.

Holder, who called Michael Brown’s death a “tragedy,” lauded the Ferguson protesters for their commitment to “positive change.” He also believes Ferguson could be one of the “moments that transforms the nation.” If he’s referring to the quite literal transformation of Ferguson, Missouri, from quiet small town to the smoldering wreckage of torched buildings and looted businesses, then I suppose he’s right.

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Holder said “real progress is not made” in America, because we “have these incidents and then kind of deal with them in the moment, and then kind of push them aside.” Perhaps this sheds light on the reason he is pursuing charges against Police Officer Darren Wilson so vigorously. However, Holder noted, “There are certainly problem cities, problem forces. We try to identify them, we try to work with them and change them. The vast majority of law enforcement officers conduct themselves in really honorable appropriate ways.”

Holder also admitted, “I certainly would not have predicted that [Michael Brown] would become an issue of national concern,” shedding further doubt on his motives for going after Wilson. Initially, Holder thought the whole narrative would blow over. It appears that when it didn’t, he seized the opportunity to stoke the flames of racial unrest and make a name for himself in the same fashion as Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Eventually, Holder said he made the decision with Obama “that this was something that required high-level federal government involvement.”

The outgoing Attorney General said he hopes “for conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats to get together to put into legislative form the changes that I have used executive authority to do here in the federal system.” Holder promised to release his highly controversial new racial profiling guidelines “in the next couple of days.” He also said that not a day goes by when he doesn’t feel “sad” about his resignation. Admitting that he had “bonded” with Obama over their similar “views of racial matters,” Holder remarked, “We share a worldview, and I am confident there is little that I have said that he would not have agreed with over the past six years.”

That “worldview” is one which has earned him the title of being the only sitting U.S. Attorney General to be held in contempt of Congress. It has also largely contributed to the racial tensions plaguing America, which are worse now than they were before Obama and Holder took office. Holder’s Institute for Justice will be on par with organizations run by race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan.

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