Jodi Arias May Walk Away Scot-Free Thanks to Pornography Evidence

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Apparently, Jodi Arias believes that her murder conviction may be overturned due to the newly-surfaced pornography evidence which has turned her sentencing retrial upside down. Normally, we would dismiss her claims as the ramblings of a crazed murderer, however, there are at least a few legal experts who seem to agree.

Arias’ defense team became privy to thousands of pornography files, some featuring young boys, which were deleted from her victim’s computer while it was in the custody of the police. The controversial evidence could have been incredibly damaging to Travis Alexander’s character during Arias’ first trial, which is expected to be the basis for her appeal.

The convicted killer has already raised nearly $40,000 to appeal her conviction. “Her mind-set is there’s no way she is getting death, but it’s more than that,” a source close to Arias said. “She is focused on her appeal because she thinks she’ll win it. She truly thinks she will walk free one day.”

“This is the most upbeat [Arias] has been in months. She’s ready for this to be over so she can hammer away on the appeal,” the insider added. “She’s talking about writing a book when she’s a free woman!” Great. Can’t wait to read that one.

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