STOLEN VALOR: Veteran Calls Out Poser in Ranger Uniform

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An impostor dressed as an Army Ranger on Black Friday to try to score some deals at Oxford Valley Mall in Pennsylvania, but he was exposed by a real serviceman before he could snag any military discounts. A former infantryman and purple heart recipient, Ryan Berk, confronted the poser after noticing some inconsistencies in his garb.

Throughout the video, the man identified as Sean Yetman insists that he is a member of the military. However, he is not listed in the Army Human Resources Command records.

This video has received over three million views on YouTube since it was uploaded by Stolen Valor. As a result of all the publicity, Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is now asking the U.S. Attorney to consider filing federal charges against Yetman, as the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 prohibits anyone from acting or introducing themselves as a military member for personal benefit.

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H/T: Fox 8

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