Darren Wilson Gets Some Good News

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Since the grand jury released their decision to not indict him, the danger that Darren Wilson faces every day has increased immeasurably. Thousands of angry protesters want his head on a platter, and would do anything to make Wilson pay for the killing of Michael Brown.

Luckily for Wilson, his former colleagues in the St. Louis police department have stepped up to protect him in a major way. Police officers throughout the city have volunteered to offer Wilson round-the-clock protection, ensuring that he will never be alone or vulnerable.

A top union official says that Wilson will continue to receive the protection “indefinitely,” and that officers stepped up after seeing the violent threats that Wilson was receiving on a daily basis.

Wilson’s lawyer Neil Bruntrager admits that such extended protection is “very unusual, but point me to a case like this one.”

While the St. Louis police are taking care of Wilson, the former cop took care of them as well when he resigned on their behalf last month. After the shooting in August, Wilson was determined to stay on the force, until he began receiving threats to his fellow officers. At that point, Wilson realized it was time to leave the St. Louis Police Department.

“It was my hope to continue in police work, but the safety of other police officers and the community are of the paramount importance to me. It is my hope that my resignation will allow the community to heal,” he said in his statement at the time.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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