Intimate Details Of Teacher’s Sexual Affair With Her Student Are Revealed

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A New Jersey teacher is currently facing several charges for having sex with one of her students.

Back in 2013, Jenna Leahey, 33, was a popular English teacher at Parsippany Hills High School, where she also served as the hockey coach. However, in January of that year, she began a six month affair with her 16 year-old student, and her trial for the crime is currently underway.


This week, a friend of her victim’s testified and revealed intimate details about the affair between teacher and student. He said that the victim told him that Leahey and he had touched each other’s genitals in her classroom.

The also “did other physical things in the classroom,” the friend added. “He also told me she took him home with her after a volleyball game.”

The witness said he talked to the victim about the affair while playing video games with him, and that he “got really quiet” when confronted about the affair. The victim then showed his friend “sort of nude” photos of Leahey.


Parsippany High School football coach Dave Albano also testified this week, saying that the victim and his friend confessed the affair with Leahey to him in June of 2013, after rumors had begun to spread around the school.

The victim told Albano that he and Leahey had “kissed” and “made out” and were “fooling around in the car” after she picked him up from a volleyball game at the school. The boy claimed he had not had intercourse with Leahey, but admitted that they had exchanged “dirty” text messages.”

“He was scared and nervous,” Albano testified about the boy.

Meanwhile, Leahey’s attorney is drawing up a motion to dismiss all charges.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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