Media Ignores Eyewitness Who Defended Darren Wilson

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The mainstream media loves to make it look like Darren Wilson was let off the hook by a litany of white witnesses who lied on his behalf. That’s why they’ve been ignoring the testimony of witness number 10, a black man who saw the Michael Brown shooting happen and argued that Officer Wilson did the right thing.

The anonymous witness told the grand jury that he had a “direct line of sight” and was able to see the entire incident from beginning to end. He testified that Brown was the aggressor and that Wilson’s life was clearly endangered. The young black man told the court that the police officer killed the teen in self defense, corroborating Wilson’s story.

Witness 10 admitted to the court that he had been shunned by the Ferguson community for his testimony, with many accusing him of being a traitor. He said that when he began telling his story at the scene of the crime immediately after the shooting, he was called racist names and threatened with physical harm.

Despite the danger, Witness 10 never shut his mouth or changed his story in the months leading up to his testimony before the grand jury. His story blows the race-baiting media’s portrayal of the Michael Brown shooting out of the water, which is why you will probably never hear about Witness 10 in the mainstream news.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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