Forensics “Expert” Who Performed Michael Brown’s Autopsy Stole Body, Lost Brain

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Shawn Parcells assisted in the second autopsy of Michael Brown’s body, but now his credentials have been called into question. Shockingly, Parcels began performing autopsies as a teenager, which was precluded by a death-obsessed adolescence.

Parcells, who has a Bachelor’s degree in life science, has claimed to be a professor at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, but the school later denied that he ever worked there. Parcells never provided evidence to prove his employment at the university.

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Additionally, several individuals have come forward with horror stories involving Parcells. Two deputy sheriffs from Missouri are currently unable to prosecute a known felon because of Parcells, who passed himself off as a doctor, which is far from the truth. Parcells performed an autopsy for the law enforcement officers, but was not supervised by a licensed doctor, so now the cops are unable to move forward with their investigation of a murder suspect.

A coroner from Kansas claims he commissioned an autopsy from Parcells, who waited a week to collect the body, at which time it had become covered with maggots. Parcells finally came to pick up the body, but then never returned it.

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Furthermore, one widow says Parcells took her dead husband’s brain after she sent it to him to examine for signs of dementia.

Why was this man assisting in the autopsy of the most high-profile case in the country? Give us your take in the comments section.

H/T: MailOnline

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