Megyn Kelly Owns Dem Who Made “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Gesture on House Floor

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Several members of the Congressional Black Caucus made the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” gesture on the House floor on Monday to show solidarity with Michael Brown. The move was exceedingly ignorant, given that testimony from numerous witnesses has proven Brown did not have his hands raised in surrender when he was fatally shot by Police Officer Darren Wilson. Rather, the 18-year-old thug was threatening his law enforcement officer’s life.

Megyn Kelly interviewed one of the Democrats who participated in the stunt, Texas Congressman Al Green, on her Fox News program, The Kelly File. In her typical no-nonsense fashion, Kelly took Green to task over his thoughtless actions.

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Not only was Green unhappy with the grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson, he doesn’t seem to believe that the case should have been brought before a grand jury in the first place. Even though, as Kelly stated, the grand jury was an “extra” in this instance, Green said the case should have been handed straight to a judge.

Kelly also confronted the Congressman regarding the fact that African-American witnesses testified that Michael Brown was charging towards Darren Wilson when the cop fired at him, he was not holding his hands up and saying, “don’t shoot.” Green tried to brush this off, saying Kelly was not referencing all of the evidence. Clearly, Green is just another in a slew of race-baiters who choose to ignore evidence unless it supports their agenda.

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Kelly pressed Green to explain how this was a race issue, when every African-American witness who testified said that Brown was charging Officer Wilson when he was shot. “African-Americans can make mistakes too,” was Green’s nonsensical response. Then, in perhaps the most laughable moment of the entire segment, Green accused Megyn Kelly of being the one who was making the Michael Brown narrative about race. This, despite the fact that the Congressional Black Caucus released a statement following the grand jury decision, saying that “black lives don’t matter.” But Megyn Kelly is the one inciting a race war…

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this report is that a man like Al Green was ever elected to public office in the first place. He has proven himself to be the worst kind of race-baiter, on par with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Let us know what you think of Megyn Kelly’s epic takedown of this chump in the comments section.

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