North Korea Reacts To New Hollywood Movie In A Dangerous Way

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A new Hollywood movie is set to be released that pokes fun at North Korea and dictator Kim Jong-un, and they are not happy about it.

The Interview is a comedy starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, and it centers around a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un. Though the movie is clearly a huge joke, North Koreans aren’t exactly known for their sense of humor, so they see it as no laughing matter…

Last week, Sony Pictures, which is distributing the film, was mysteriously hacked by a hacking group called Guardians of Peace (GOP). The group took over the Sony database and threatened to release sensitive information about the company if their demands were not met. At least five screener copies of Sony movies were subsequently downloaded, and a spreadsheet showing the salaries of top Sony executives was also released.

The malware that was used suggests that the hack came from somewhere like Russia, China, or North Korea, where it is becoming the norm for hackers to destroy data to send a message rather than just hijacking it.

The FBI immediately got involved, as this is the first time that destructive malware has been used to target a U.S. corporation. Because of this, they are taking this case very seriously and treating it as a serious threat.

“The FBI is working with our interagency partners to investigate the recently reported cyber intrusion at Sony Pictures Entertainment,” explained the agency, in a statement emailed to “The targeting of public and private-sector computer networks remains a significant threat, and the FBI will continue to identify, pursue and defeat individuals and groups who pose a threat in cyberspace.”

North Korea has refused to deny their involvement in the hacking, which has only served to further suspicion that they were involved. It is very possible that they hacked Sony to avenge their honor, as they see the movie as a personal attack on them from America

If it was indeed the North Koreans who committed this offense, this could be the first of many revenge attacks they launch against America for the Hollywood film…

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H/T: Fox News


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