“Witnesses” Who Testified Against Wilson Admit They Were Forced To Lie

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Just a week after the grand jury announced their decision in the shooting of Michael Brown, witnesses who testified against Darren Wilson have admitted that they lied after being intimidated by race-baiters.

Dozens of witnesses of the shooting in August have confessed that they were silenced by the black community, and some were even forced to lie about what they saw. Many wouldn’t even speak to police due to fears of retaliation from other black people.

Within hours of the shooting, aggressive race-baiters reportedly silenced the truth-telling witnesses with violent threats. Then, they concocted their own version of the shooting, one in which Mike Brown was the innocent victim of a racist white cop. Finally, they passed this story onto police, and warned everyone else to do the same or they would face the consequences.

The reports released after the grand jury’s decision was revealed describes dozens of stories that support this, making it easy to see how Ferguson became the mess that it is today.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune



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