Rosie O’Donnell Will Be Fired For Radical Liberal Views

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Rosie O’Donnell’s insane political views are finally catching up with her this week, as new reports say she is about to be fired from The View. 

Cast and crew of the popular talk show have reportedly had it with Rosie’s bullying attitude and insane political views. When she was invited back to the show this season, Rosie assumed that she would be moderator. Unfortunately for her, this post is already occupied by none other than Whoopi Goldberg. Ever since she found out about this, Rosie has been taking out her anger on her fellow hosts as well as the crew of the series.

Lately, Rosie has been using The View as a platform for her ridiculous beliefs which she will defend to the death if her cohosts dare to cross her. For example, in recent weeks, Rosie has said on the show that we shouldn’t fight back against ISIS in the Middle East, and that anyone who criticizes Obama is motivated by bigotry and racism.

Rosie made headlines last month for saying that black men have become an “endangered species” since so many have been killed by police. Anyone else’s career would have been ruined for calling black men a “species,” but Rosie has somehow managed to hang on: until now.

Insiders say that producers of The View have had enough of Rosie’s rude behavior, and are trying to force her off the show before this season even ends. If she does manage to stay on for the rest of the season, sources say there is no way that she will be brought back next year.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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