Darren Wilson Changed Crucial Elements Of His Story After Michael Brown Shooting

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Just a week after the grand jury decided not to indict him, holes are popping up in Darren Wilson’s story that are causing many to question his innocence.

Investigation into testimony heard by the grand jury reveals that Darren Wilson changed his story in the weeks after the shooting of Michael Brown. In recent months, Wilson has claimed that he first caught sight of Brown and a friend walking in the middle of the street. The former police officer says he recognized Brown from the description of a man who robbed a convenience store moments before, and it was this that led him to turn around and confront the young man.

However, this story differs from what Wilson told his supervisor immediately after the shooting.

“He [Wilson] did not know anything about the stealing call,” the supervisor testified.

“He told you he didn’t know about there being a stealing at Ferguson Market?” lawyers asked him.

“Correct,” the supervisor replied.

Hours later, Wilson gave a very different account to St. Louis detectives, who later testified before the grand jury as well.

“He tells me he was leaving an unrelated sick case call and was driving, it would be west on Canfield Road,” one detective recounted. “As he’s driving he hears a call that was not assigned to him for a stealing in progress at 9101 West Florissant Avenue and he provides us with that address and the nature of the call was a stealing.”

“He said that the call comments indicated the suspect description was a black male wearing a black shirt and brown shorts, and that an additional call comment indicated that taken during the stealing were Cigarillos,” the detective added.

Weeks later, Wilson told his story to an FBI agent, and in this interview he remembered even more details:

“He heard over the radio a call for a stealing in progress…He heard it was at a market, he didn’t hear which one and he heard a description over the radio saying the subjects were walking towards the QuikTrip, stole Cigarillos and one subject was wearing a black shirt.

Officer Wilson’s attention was then drawn to Michael Brown and he noticed that Michael Brown’s hands were full of Cigarillos. He looks in his rear view mirror and also saw that Dorian was wearing a black T-shirt.

Thinking back on the call, Michael Brown was wearing a gray t-shirt and the call was they stole Cigarillos and one was wearing a black shirt.

So kind of putting tow and two together or thinking that these might be the two guys, he puts the car in to reverse.”

Unfortunately, none of these interviews were recorded, giving race-baiters everywhere the opportunity to spin as many conspiracy theories as they can out of them.

While changing his story may not look good for Darren Wilson, there could be a logical explanation for it. On the day of the shooting, Darren Wilson had just killed a man for the first time in his life. It wouldn’t be surprising if he was so rattled that day that his memory got mixed up, and if he wasn’t able to sort out what happened until a few weeks later.

What do you think about this? Does it sound fishy, or is Darren Wilson’s shifting story understandable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

H/T: Daily Mail

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