Seven Black Witnesses Reveal What Really Happened During Michael Brown Shooting

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Since the grand jury revealed their decision not to charge Darren Wilson with murder last Monday, the mainstream media has repeatedly blamed white people for this “injustice.”

The only problem with this narrative is that the grand jury’s decision was actually based on the testimony of seven black witnesses who all supported Darren Wilson’s story.

These witnesses said that Michael Brown was the aggressor, that he initiated the scuffle and never surrendered to Wilson with his hands up. This along with the physical evidence proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Wilson was telling the truth.

The media also likes to ignore the fact that the grand jury that came to this decision was made up of both white and black jurors, ruining their narrative that this case is a “whites vs. blacks” race war.

Unfortunately, logic and truth have no place in race-baiting. The liberal media doesn’t care that all the evidence supports Wilson: they still want his head on a platter.

Despite the fact that he did nothing wrong, Wilson was forced to resign from the police force that he loved over the weekend. With his life clearly ruined, the race-baiters have gotten exactly what they wanted.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune


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