Brown Family Launches Plan To Ruin Darren Wilson’s Life

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One week after the grand jury announced their decision to not charge Darren Wilson with murder, Mike Brown’s family is concocting a scheme to make sure the former cop’s life will be ruined anyway.

The Brown family has repeatedly stated that they are planning to pursue legal action against Wilson, most likely in the form of a civil rights or wrongful death lawsuit.

If the Brown family chooses to file a civil rights lawsuit, it will be very difficult for them to win it. Wilson’s attorney Neil Bruntranger recently explained what about a civil rights lawsuit makes it so difficult to win.

“It’s not just that you intended to pull the trigger; it’s that you intend to deprive them of their civil rights,” said Bruntranger.

The Brown family’s lawyers have surely advised them on the difficulties of winning a civil rights lawsuit. Therefore, their only goal in filing such a suit would be to further ruin Darren Wilson’s life, and to keep themselves in the public eye, with a lengthy and costly trial.

The Brown family has already slandered Wilson’s name and ruined his police career. Now, the Brown family hopes to also destroy him financially with either a costly civil suit, or a wrongful death suit that may result in him owing them millions.

Hopefully, whatever judge is assigned to the case has the good sense to throw it out of court…

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H/T: Conservative Tribune



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