African-American Sheriff: Obama Caused Ferguson Race Riots

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is an African-American Democrat, but that doesn’t mean he supports Obama or the race rioters wreaking havoc on American streets. Clarke appeared on Fox News’ Your World and wasn’t shy about telling host Neil Cavuto that Obama’s response to the grand jury’s decision not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson largely led to the violence which followed.

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Clarke commented:

“I heard some of the president’s comments last night. He said that what we need to do is try to understand them, and he said that the anger was an understandable reaction, and I was just floored by that, because it’s not an understandable reaction. People have to come up with a more socially acceptable way to deal with anger and frustration. This is totally and unequivocally intolerable. Once the decision was rendered, then, you know, the rioting and the looting started. That’s not peaceful protest, it didn’t start off as peaceful protests…so when I heard the president call for calm after the rioting started, I questioned his sincerity because some of his political strategy of divide and conquer fuels this sort of racial animosity between people, and so I think when he called for calm after the rioting started, I believe it was done with a wink and a nod.”

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Incredible. This man sounds far more presidential than Obama. But he didn’t stop there. Clarke also called out Missouri Governor Jay Nixon for “trying to soft shoe” his response to the protesters. “I don’t think he has the intestinal fortitude to deal with this,” remarked the veteran law enforcement officer. He continued:

“What’s happening down there right now is real ugly, and the response isn’t going to be, you know, pleasing to the eye with what law enforcement and the National Guard have to do, but, Neil, I mean, come on, they have to restore order, and the law enforcement officers and the national guard have to use all reasonable force to get that under control. Restraint is not an option right now for law enforcement.”

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Clarke didn’t leave the contemptible Attorney General Eric Holder out of his epic rant, either. Clarke believes Holder “was in a very visible position to have talked reasonably” to quell the effects of the violent protecters, but “instead he engaged with inflammatory rhetoric.” This is a typical response from Holder, though you rarely hear African-American leaders calling him out for it. Clarke did not hold back, though:

“Justice is about due process. You’re not guaranteed a result. You’re guaranteed due process. Due process played it[self] out at the state level. If he [Holder] wants to start a federal probe, he’s entitled to do that, but that’s just going to prolong this thing. Unless he thinks or he believes that there’s something nefarious that went on here with the grand jury investigation, I think you ought to reconsider that…let’s say he comes out with some indictment of his own, and is thrown out at the federal level, because in the end I don’t see a judge in this country, upon appeal that would uphold any kind of conviction here against the officer, and then we’re going to have to re-live this all over again.”

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It’s a shame that there are not more leaders like this man in Washington. Share this article to support Sheriff Clarke for calling out Obama’s incessant race-baiting, which has contributed to the devastating effects of the Michael Brown riots.

H/T: Wounded American Warrior

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