Thugs Gun Down Young Father…What Happened Next Is Disturbing

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Five years ago, T.K. Hancock was a 19 year-old father and a sophomore at the University of Memphis. Then, things took a devastating turn when he was gunned down by three thugs while sitting in his car outside a library.

The three gang-affiliated thugs were convicted of murder and jailed for life, but what happened next was downright disturbing. Reporters have recently discovered that the three murderers have become prison rap stars, releasing dozens of videos to Facebook and other social media sites.

The three killers would record the rap videos, which often featured incredibly violent lyrics, and then send them to their fellow gang-members so they could be professionally edited. The videos often featured secret messages to their gangs, asking for drugs and other contraband.

After doing some digging, reporters were shocked to find that two of Hancock’s killers even shared a cell for almost two years of their incarceration.

Obviously, Hancock’s family is furious that his killers are enjoying a life of celebrity in prison.

“It’s kind of like reopening a wound,” Hancock’s sister told reporters. “We grieved for five years and tried to let it go and then all this pops back up again and it’s just hurtful all over again.”

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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