White Cop Accused Of Targeting Black Man, But His Body Cam Reveals The Truth

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These days, it’s very dangerous to be a white police officer. The slightest accusation of racial profiling can ruin your career, regardless of how true it is. A white cop in Oakland, California almost paid a heavy price for this recently when he was accused of targeting a black man, until his body cam revealed what really went down.

Black firefighter Keith Jones was walking home from an Oakland Raiders game with his two young sons when he noticed the door to his fire station was open. After checking to make sure everything was alright inside, he started to lock up when a white police officer who was called in to investigate a burglary approached him.

Here is where Jones’ story gets crazy. He claims that the officer used excessive force against him, and immediately barked at him, “Don’t move. Put your hands up.”

“His hand was on his gun. He was crouched, he was low. He was basically in a shooting stance,” Jones later recounted. The officer never drew his gun, however.

Jones then claimed that he tried to explain to the officer who he was, but the cop wasn’t having any of it. He continued to force Jones to keep his hands raised as his young son cried next to him.

Despite the fact that this seems like a reasonable reaction for a cop to a possible burglary, Jones is crying racism.

“I think they [white police officers] view black men as a threat,” he said.

Unfortunately for Jones, the entire incident was recorded on the officer’s body cam, and the truth turned out to be far different than his version. In the video, the officer is shown comforting Jones’ young sons, and allowing the father to do the same. He did tell the firefighter to stay in one place, but he hardly yelled it at him.

The officer also allowed Jones to retrieve his firefighter license when he asked to do so. When he saw who Jones really was, he immediately apologized.

“You can put your hands down. Sorry about that,” the cop said politely.

This incident serves as a grim reminder of how necessary it is becoming for white cops to wear body cams to protect themselves on duty. Had this officer not been wearing one, he could easily have lost his job because of this lying race-baiter.

Thankfully, the truth was revealed.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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