Family of Michael Brown Suing Darren Wilson

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The family of Michael Brown is likely to bring a civil lawsuit against Police Officer Darren Wilson, who shot the unarmed 18-year-old after an altercation on August 9. The family believes the grand jury decision not to indict Wilson was ‘flawed,’ and argue that terms like ‘demonic,’ which the officer used to describe Brown, were damaging to his character and credibility.

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Michael Brown was a gang banger. At just 18, he already had a hefty criminal record. He committed a strong-arm robbery moments before he was stopped by Wilson. He had ties to the notorious Crips gang and he recorded rap songs about murdering innocents. All of this is why his character was questionable – not because Darren Wilson described the look on his face as ‘demonic’ as he was being charged by the giant thug.

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Even still, Daryl Parks, an attorney for the family, told Fox News that Wilson’s word choice was a ‘racial’ attack which ‘cast Michael Brown in a negative light.’ He added that the grand jury’s decision not to charge the officer left open the possibility to bring a civil suit against him and the Ferguson Police Department. Neil Bruntager, an attorney for Wilson, said the Brown family may have the right to pursue a case, but they will have a ‘difficult row to hoe.’

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Brown’s family is grasping at straws at this point. The teen’s past was what cemented him as a thug in the minds of America, it was not a few choice words from the cop who fatally shot him. Share this article if you think Darren Wilson should be able to move on with his life now that he has been cleared by a grand jury.

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