White Man Beaten To Death With Hammers In St. Louis

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St. Louis, Missouri, Sunday November 30. At the intersection of Gravois and Itaska in south St. Louis, at least three teens participated in the beating of Zemir Begic with hammers resulting in his death. Begic was a Bosnian immigrant and his community spontaneously erupted in protest after his death. 75-100 protesters have been reported, though police say their rally was peaceful.

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“It will not be tolerated” can be heard in the video as protesters express both fear and anger over the incident. It would appear Begic was targeted because he is Bosnian. The evidence leading to that conclusion has not been made public, but police do have two of the perpetrators in custody. One suspect is 15 and the other 16. Police state they are still seeking a third suspect and some reports indicate there may be a fourth as well.

The brutality of this attack is astounding. One cannot help but wonder, given the proximity to Ferguson, if this attack on a white man is at all related to recent events there. Is this just one more layer of lawlessness to which youth in the area feel entitled because a Grand Jury decision did not go their way?

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What kind of person could beat another human being to death with a hammer? The force required, the necessary gruesomeness of the act, how are these youths able to tolerate the level of violence and gore associated with such a heinous crime? Children are completely desensitized to such things. Criminal teens on the loose in the St. Louis area are a menace to society and a threat to any who encounter them.

Where are the parents of these teens? What were they doing out at 1:15a.m.? The two individuals in custody are being held by juvenile authorities. Public outrage will be intense if their actions are not held to the adult standard. This was a murder, not just some punks making bad decisions.

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