Impeachment? Jail Time? DCCC Warns Democrats GOP After Obama

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee must be under Hillary Clinton’s tutelage, not wasting Obama’s current crisis of personality after the mid-terms. Just last Saturday, November 22, they distributed a panicked e-mail to their base with the subject line: “Impeachment? Prison???”























Blaming the Republicans for Obama’s arrogance and misuse of Executive Orders, they were able to drum up over a half-million in donations with the scare tactic back in June. No doubt they hope for a similar result this time.

Though many Conservatives and Republicans will find this e-mail distasteful, one must admit the strategy is brilliant. The headline alone is nothing short of the fear mongering the Democrats so effectively use during campaign season, for which they frequently blame their Republican counterparts. But, in the wake of the epic defeat Obama took during the mid-terms, Democratic strategists are wise to capitalize, literally, on the event. Why not make the base feel sorry for the President they elected twice? He had to work with a “dysfunctional” Congress and saw the worst economy since the Depression. Somehow, those arguments never seem to go stale with hard core leftists.

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The real hutzpah of the e-mail, however, is in the bastardizing of the Constitution and defense of the President’s most recent Executive Order as a(n) historic action by a(n) historic President…grammatical correction by the author, not the DCCC. It would seem “historic” is a more beloved term by the DCCC than “effective” or “distinguished” or “successful”. He has certainly been none of the latter. Jimmy Carter, perhaps, is now Obama’s biggest fan as his place as the worst U.S. President in history will surely be stricken from the record when the current POTUS leaves office.

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No matter how one may feel personally about Obama or the DCCC, this was a stellar maneuver. Using the Republicans’ own bluster to raise money for Democrats is ingenious. Now, if Republicans actually follow through on these issues, what can the DCCC get out of that?

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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