Eric Holder On Ferguson: Two Investigations Are Ongoing

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November 25, 2014, Washington, D.C. Referencing a briefing from Ron Davis, Eric Holder emphasizes that federal investigations of the shooting of Mike Brown and the Ferguson Police Department are ongoing. He vowed to have thorough, rigorous, and timely investigations so that trust and understanding and cooperation can be restored.

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Holder expresses disappointment over violent demonstrations. It seems he expected requests by the Brown family for non-violent protests to be taken seriously and honored by those who were intent on destroying Ferguson. No rational human actually expected anything except violence, even if an indictment had been handed down. Mr. Holder is either naive or….well, stupid. Holder said violence would “drown out legitimate voices” of protest. He stated acts of violence would not be tolerated, flippantly and continued that he was encouraged by the non-violent protests of November 25.

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He harkened back to progress accomplished by peaceful demonstrations that have led to lasting, pervasive changes. For some reason, the DOJ is instructing law enforcement to “isolate” the criminal element from the peaceful and telling them how. Holder also claimed to have an ongoing dialogue with peaceful protesters.  Huh? Why would the DOJ be in communication with anyone other than those who answer to the DOJ? Red flag #1 of this bizarre statement.

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The A.G. of the U.S. continues by stating he is encouraged by private citizens who attempted to intervene and prevent looters from stealing. Again, huh? Is it not the DOJ and practically all of law enforcement who is perpetually encouraging citizens NOT to engage law breakers, but to report and then remove themselves from danger? Why is Eric Holder encouraging vigilantes during riots? He actually called people who took such action “heroes”. While the sentiment of community protection is honorable, putting oneself in harm’s way to protect the business of another citizen is, well, actually the job of the DOJ, law enforcement, and the National Guard. U.S. citizens would be heartened if  local, state, and federal government would do their job instead of offering platitudes to those who care about their communities.

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Brown’s death has “revealed a deep distrust between Ferguson and its police force”, says Holder. He claims this is an issue to be dealt with in other communities as well. He referenced training that the DOJ has provided law enforcement in various communities related to “bias reduction” and “procedural fairness”. Five pilot sites around the country are being developed to bridge divides in communities.

Holder’s plan to bring together community leaders, elected officials and law enforcement to take concrete steps toward eliminating barriers to trust sounds good enough, but is that his job? He said Obama had been briefed on the events and he wants “our people” to be brought together. He called for us to find those things that “bind us” together and he wants to make “this Union even more perfect.”

Where to begin analysis. Holder has resigned. The DOJ’s job is to enforce the law, all of it, not selectively, as in immigration. Community relations building, fairness coalitions..that is not the job of the DOJ. Perhaps the next Attorney General will know that, and speak coherently.

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