Who Is Really To Blame For Ferguson?

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With the list of entities trying to use  the death of a young black man for their own, personal gain growing, perhaps before this tragedy is laid to rest it should be thoroughly examined in hopes that it may never be repeated. Below are five options as offered by various talk show hosts, pundits, and news organizations as to who is responsible for the destruction of Ferguson.

1-Michael Brown. Though he is the “victim” to some extent, it was his robbery of a convenience store that started the frenzy in Ferguson. Half of the media has referred to him as an “unarmed teen” while bloggers and right wingers have attempted to locate recent photos showing him as a very large black man, not a child. While the argument must be made that his intention on the evening of August 9th was merely to get away with robbery and assault, his actions did set this entire matter in motion and lead to his own death.


2-Darren Wilson. He, too, can be called a “victim” as his dream of a long career in law enforcement has been decidedly brought to an end. Though no charges have ever been filed against him and he has been cleared of any wrong doing, one must assume this individual would never be safe again attempting to protect and serve. Further, his partners and/or fellow officers would be potentially put in jeopardy by his notoriety alone and he did, in fact, announce that after only three years, he will be retiring from law enforcement. His tiny part of responsibility in this matter is that he responded with deadly force.

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3-President Obama. This is a favorite of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, and numerous others in conservative talk radio. The argument is that the POTUS, for reasons all his own, interfered with the deployment of the National Guard to protect local businesses in Ferguson ahead of the Grand Jury announcement. Anyone not under a rock has been aware since November 1, 2014 that the decision regarding the indictment of Officer Wilson would be forthcoming. The Governor of Missouri declared a state of emergency and called up the Guard. They were not, however, deployed in a timely manner. Theories abound as to why, but even the Lieutenant Governor of Missouri has blamed the Obama Administration for interfering.

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4-Eric Holder. While he is really 3 (b) since he works for the POTUS, Holder as head of the Justice Department and a black man could have calmed matters with instructions to justice seekers and/or protesters. He did not. He practically encouraged civil unrest by announcing he would pursue federal charges against Officer Wilson. Neither he nor the President spoke out publicly for rioters to let justice take its course, etc. Therefore, they get two opportunities to be blamed.

Attn. General Holder Testifies At Senate Judiciary Hearing On Justice Dept Oversight

5-The Media. Bloggers and Conservatives love to blame the media, but in this case it may be in order. Around the clock coverage of every aspect of this case, sans actual evidence, and perpetuation of rumors and “eye witness” testimony led to gross misunderstanding of the events of the evening in question. “Thief robs convenience store, assaults owner, tries to grab cop’s gun, loses life” somehow morphed into “unarmed teen gunned down by cop for walking down the middle of the road.” That level of misrepresentation is practically criminal.

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The media at Sandy Hook
The media at Sandy Hook

Ultimately, the rioters are responsible for the riots and should be held criminally liable for any and every action they took to destroy public and private property. Other entities, however, must appreciate their roles in inciting the violence that ensued so that it never happens again. Dare to dream.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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