Wilson’s Medical Records Show Only Minor Injuries After Ferguson Shooting

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August 9, 2014 Ferguson, Missouri. Two hours after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, the officer was examined at a nearby hospital. Wilson, who claimed to “fear for his life” suffered only minor injuries and all x-rays and exams were negative for significant trauma.

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Many are reporting that Wilson, therefore, must have exaggerated his fear for his life. It begs the question: How many times must one be hit in the face to be in fear for one’s life? Does size matter? In the heat of the moment, is any human supposed to be able to assess how many more punches he/she can take before ‘serious’ injury results? While being beaten by a felon, how much injury is required before deadly force is a reasonable response? Seriously?

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The “diagnosis” apparently tearing liberals and racists out of their respective frames is ‘atraumatic’. To a layperson, this word may sound like “not injured” which is a literal interpretation of its meaning. In a clinical sense, however, ‘atraumatic’ merely means that there is no profuse bleeding or obvious deformity. Any number of injuries can present as ‘atraumatic’ until further medical studies are conducted.

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Further exams were conducted and the x-rays requested by the Ferguson Police Chief were, in fact, negative. Again, one who has never worked in a healthcare setting might assume this means “no injury”. No. This term, in this specific context, means “no fractures”. Bruises, abrasions, soft tissue damage, etc. do not show up on x-ray. Officer Wilson presented with no fractures, no obvious deformity, and no profuse bleeding. He never claimed to have any of those things, by the way. Rumors were circulated by Wilson “supporters” that he had profound injuries, but Wilson made no such claim. He merely claimed to fear for his life. Only he can know if that is true.

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Next on the list of “problems” many Ferguson Frenzy participants reference is that Wilson was only punched twice. How many times is a felon allowed to punch a Policeman before the officer can respond with deadly force? Would not any rational individual perceive a “threat” when being punched in the face? The assertion by Wilson that he thought a “third punch could be fatal” is also being dismissed as being a bit dramatic. Really? A 6’4″ 292 pound man is punching another man who is seated in a vehicle and it is not reasonable to think, in the heat of the moment, that a punch from a man that size could be fatal? Are you the same people who think football should be watered down because of concussions? You can’t have it both ways.

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A third issue for the Wilson haters is the perceived size difference between Brown and Wilson. Putting it in MMA terms, Brown,18 years, felon, presumably street fighter, 6’4″, 292 pounds, high, and in fear for his freedom. Wilson, 28 years, policeman, trained to exercise restraint, 6’4″, 210 pounds, calling for back up, attacked and in fear for his life. Any boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts analyst would give an enormous advantage to the individual weighing 80 pounds more. His aggressive demeanor also gave him an advantage, not to mention the fact that Officer Wilson was seated in his car when the fight ensued giving Brown the leverage from the “top position”.

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The U.S. Justice system may be flawed, but the main stream media in this country are a public menace. Race baiting and misrepresentation of facts created the frenzy that destroyed Ferguson. Al Sharpton, MSNBC, and all the irresponsible participants in the travesty of drumming up hatred are the problem as they offer no solutions. Michael Brown’s death was tragic. Unfortunately, it was also largely his own behavior that caused it. The End.

H/T: Daily Mail


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