Man Has Six Kids, Three Jobs And One EPIC Encounter With Ferguson Protesters

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Wednesday, November 26, San Diego, California. On his way to work at one of his three jobs, Tyree Landrum came across a group of students protesting the Darren Wilson non-indictment. Thousands of people were backed up on Interstate 5 and lots of people trying to get to work felt no sympathy for the students who were making them late.

Now viral, the video of Landrum on the Interstate has drummed up a lot of support for this father of six and also calls to express discontent with the system in a more productive way. Landrum, who even said he was sympathetic to the cause, stated he was frustrated because if he was late he would be fired.

After the incident, it has been reported that Mr. Landrum was, indeed, late to his job.  His boss was understanding, however,  and the man some are calling a “righteous hero” was not fired. Regardless, it is unfair for a man who is employed and trying to care for his children to be at the mercy of those who are not on their way to work. In a subsequent interview, Landrum said he could have handled the situation better too and seemed a little embarrassed that his emotions got the better of him.

Critics of the Ferguson protests have repeatedly asked “where these demonstrators work?” “When do they work?” Even, “Do they work?”. Many in the black community are growing weary of the perpetual excuse to behave criminally that these young protesters continue to invoke. No good can come from destruction of property and theft. It was, after all, a theft that started this whole situation in the first place.

Mike Brown, aka “unarmed teen”, all 6’4″ and 300 pounds of him, stole from a store owner and assaulted him. Moments later, Darren Wilson recognized Brown from the description given over his police radio and confronted him. Mike Brown, rather than surrender or comply with the officer’s request, charged the officer and ended up on the losing end of an officer involved shooting. Tragic? Yes. Proof of police misconduct or racism? Only to the unemployed racists who continue to destroy their own city.

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Some of those on the freeway with Landrum Wednesday were so moved by his passion that a fund has been set up to help him give his children a Merry Christmas. A glimmer of hope emerges!

H/T: Daily Mail

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