Couple Beat Up By Gang – Where’s Their Justice Rally?

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For months now, the topic of justice has spread across the nation after the Ferguson shooting of Mike Brown. But all the the justice seekers seem to be one sided about what justice is and who deserves it.

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In this video, taken in Springfield, Mo., we see the couple apparently heckled by a black gang following them and then full-bore attacked as they are grabbed from behind, thrown and beaten. But the two questions asked by Americans that still grasp the unbiased nature of JUSTICE,are 1) What are the facts surrounding the situation so that we can make a sound decision, and 2) How come Jesse Jackson isn’t trying to get on CNN seeking justice for this hate crime?

Though we don’t yet know the facts about what started the incident before the actual attack was recorded in the alley, it is hard to say that we ever will. Because hate crimes against white people are not given the same attention as other races. Violence should be reported on whatever the race with equal attention and equal passion or not at all.

“…the news and race-baiters such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson only hysterically respond to one type of violence, it’s clear that they have a one-sided agenda.” reported The Conservative Tribune

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