Which Race Baiter Is Lt. Gov Kinder After?

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This week we learned that Officer Darren Wilson will not be charged with a crime for the death of Michael Brown. But someone close to Michael Brown might be facing time in jail for a crime with a different weapon: words.




At a gathering after the hearing where Officer Wilson was released  from criminal charges, Brown’s mother and step-father Louis Head were enraged. Amid the tensions of the protest, the grief over losing their opportunity for revenge took Mikes parents over the edge and Head let forth words that would come to show just how unintersted in justice the Ferguson protesters really are.

Atop a car hood, Head turned to the crowd and begins yelling “Burn this b**** down!” repeatedly. Needing little encouragement to boil over, the crowd went and did just that. Which makes Head legally responsible for inciting a riot.

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Conservative Tribune reported

In an appearance by Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” Ingraham played the clip of Head’s “Burn this b**** down” harangue.

“When you hear that soundbite from the stepfather of Michael Brown, what’s your reaction?” Ingraham asked.

“That he should be arrested and charged with inciting to riot,” Kinder responded.

Head has publicly been the loudest member for “justice” in the Brown family, who together have used every communication medium available to gain support for the theory that their son was killed simply for his race.

But according to The Inquisitr, Head’s experiences with the law have been joyless for a long time.  He’s done time for multiple drug trafficking convictions, as well as other drug-related incidents.

The Brown’s family attorney Ben Crump was remarkably calm about Head’s remarks, admitting that they were “unacceptable” but excusable due to “raw emotion.”

That’s odd. I thought murder in the second degree was a crime, but according to Crump, if you really feel it, you shouldn’t serve time. Please.

H/T: Conservative Tribrune


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