N.Korea Calls US A ‘Tundra of Human Rights’

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Just last week the UN lobbied the Security Council to indict North Korea and Kin Jong-UN to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. Pretty serious stuff. So, North Korea tried to deflect the gravity of it’s insidious practices by pointing the finger at the US and the Ferguson protests.

More than that, as the push for indictment (drafted by Japan and the European Union, stating that North Korea’s human rights abuses are ‘without parallel in the contemporary world’) reach the capital of Pyongyang, Korea can only think to accuse the US of controlling the action in order to humiliate Kim Jong-Un.

“This is clear proof of the real picture of the US as a tundra of human rights, where extreme racial discrimination acts are openly practiced,”

claimed the spokesman to North Korea’s official KCNA news agency. Look who’s calling us a bunch of evil download (2)

‘The great irony is that the US tries to measure other countries with its wrong human rights standard, though it is a typical human rights abuser,’ the foreign ministry spokesman said.


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Yahoo reports that earlier this week during a tour of a museum dedicated to alleged bloodbaths by US forces during the Korean War, Kim Jong-Un said Americans were like ‘cannibals seeking pleasure in slaughter.’

The Guardian reports that also this week Russia condemned the United States during the Ferguson protests and said, ‘the problem of racism in the US has a systemic nature and has the potential to cause serious unrest and splits in society.’

I guess the best way to convince the world you’re not a bully is to point the blame at others. Wait, no. That was third grade.

h/t: The Daily Mail

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