American Patriots Are Doing This to Stop Violent Race Rioters … And Winning

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In the wake of the grand jury decision not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson, violent race riots have ravaged inner cities nationwide, though nowhere has been effected as badly as Ferguson, Missouri, where the Michael Brown narrative began. Small business owners have been the ones most hurt in the conflict, with over 20 store fronts burning to the ground on Monday night alone. Thankfully, there are a few patriots who are not willing to let the hard work of their fellow Americans go up in smoke – literally.

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The “Oath Keepers” are a group made up mostly of veteran police officers, military members and firefighters, though they are joined by other regular Joes like truck drivers and photographers. They geared up and headed to Ferguson, ground zero for the violent race riots. “The people of Ferguson have learned a sad and difficult lesson, that there aren’t enough police and National Guard to help police all the homes and businesses,” Sam Andrews, who organizes the Oath Keepers, told reporters.

“With hundreds of criminals stealing the businesses of Ferguson blind and damaging private property, how many arrests of actual looters took place?” questioned Andrews. We all know the answer: not enough. “We need officers to put violent criminals in jail, not shoot tear gas and rubber bullets at reporters too ignorant to not shine lights in the officers’ eyes while they are trying to work,” furthered Andrews.

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But the Oath Keepers aren’t just sitting around complaining as their country burns to the ground. They have taken it upon themselves to protect the small businesses most affected by the violent looters and most neglected by law enforcement. With their help, many store fronts are still standing and will remain so.

The Oath Keepers are patrolling the streets of Ferguson at this very moment, and are “not afraid to use lethal force” if necessary to protect the interests and investments of law-abiding Americans. Show this group your support in the comments section!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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