Darren Wilson To Receive $1 Million Dollars In Donations From Loyal Supporters

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Despite the many race-baiters who hate every inch of him, Darren Wilson has his fair share of supporters who have rallied behind the police officer in a major way.

Now, Wilson is set to receive $1 million in donations from loyal followers who believe that he did the right thing when he killed Michael Brown in self defense.

The anonymous founder of the Darren Wilson support group recently spoke out saying that she was aware of two donation funds for him that are each valued at around $500,000.


The female supporter refused to reveal her name due to fear of reprisal attacks, but she did reveal that she has a personal connection to this case: her father was shot and killed by a cop in 1995. Despite the fact that she lost her father, she is able to acknowledge that his death was his own fault.

“My dad when I was 17 was shot and killed by police. My dad was Caucasian so it didn’t make it past the nightly news,” the supporter confessed. “…I realized quickly even at that young age; my dad is to blame. My dad attacked a police officer and my dad got shot and killed.”

“You have to be accountable and my dad had to be accountable,” she said. “He wasn’t a bad person, Mike Brown might not have been a bad person but he made a very bad choice that day.”

“My dad made a very bad choice back in 1995 and there are consequences to those actions, especially when you fight a police officer,” she added.

Her personal story caused her to leap to Wilson’s aid as soon as the story broke in August. She designed T-Shirts that said “I Support Officer Wilson” and sold them online, single-handedly earning thousands of dollars for Wilson and his family.

Thanks to her efforts, Wilson and his family may have the money to make a life for themselves elsewhere when this is all over.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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