These Race Rioters Did Something Truly Disgusting To An American Flag

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We all knew that the Ferguson rioters had no respect for our country, but this is just ridiculous…

Since the grand jury’s decision was revealed in the Michael Brown case on Monday, the protests have spread to over 90 cities as violence has erupted everywhere.

Newly released photos show race rioters in Oakland, California doing something truly sickening to show their hatred of white America. The pictures show the protesters burning an American flag in a pathetic attempt to reject our country’s “racist” values.


While these ignorant protesters think they have found a clever new way to show their disdain for white America, they have instead just slammed all of America, as well as the freedoms and liberties that millions of men and women have fought and died for.


Shame on you, protesters, shame on you…

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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