Megyn Kelly Destroys Al Sharpton For His Race-Baiting

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Megyn Kelly knows exactly who’s to blame for all the violence in Ferguson, and his name is Al Sharpton.

On her show Tuesday night, the iconic Fox News anchor let Sharpton have it in a big way for all his race-baiting. She began the program by playing a soundbite of Ferguson prosecutor Bob McCulloch confirming that many of the witnesses who testified before the grand jury were black, destroying the idea that their decision was racially motivated.

“I guarantee you that soundbite’s not gonna go everywhere tomorrow,” Kelly said. “They’re not gonna play that for the protesters who are saying that this is a racial thing, and that the fix was in.”

For this, Kelly blames Sharpton, who “went out there and stoked the fires by giving [the protesters] misinformation after misinformation, never to be corrected.”

Watch as Kelly rips Sharpton a new one, and exposes him as the lying race-pimp that he is!

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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