Darren Wilson Makes Shocking Revelation About His Future

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Darren Wilson’s first television interview was full of bombshells, but perhaps the most shocking of all had nothing to do with the murder of Michael Brown…

During the interview with George Stephanopoulis, Wilson, 28, revealed that his new wife, 37 year-old Barbara Spradling, is already pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Wilson confirmed to the television host that he had just gotten married and that his wife was pregnant, adding that he and his wife, “just want to live a normal life.”

Wilson wouldn’t discuss whether or not he would resign from the police force, but he did say that being a cop was “the job of his life” and that his ultimate dream was to become a sergeant.

Finally, Stephanopoulis asked him point blank if he would return to the force, and Wilson said, “‘I’m not sure it’s possible. I mean, you think they would accept me? You think it’d be safe for me?’

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H/T: Daily Mail

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