Darren Wilson’s Family Breaks Their Silence

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The family of Officer Darren Wilson are speaking out on Tuesday through an anonymous relative to express their happiness with the grand jury decision.

“Darren shot Michael Brown that day because he was in fear of his life. It was Michael Brown or him,” the relative said. “He shot him and he got to go home that day. The Grand Jury made the right decision. Darren did the right thing. He acted like a cop. What was he supposed to do?”

“It was him or Michael Brown. I’m glad it was Darren who went home that night,” he added.

The relative went on to talk about the multitude of death threats the family has received since August, with people regularly calling their phones and saying, “We will kill you. We will burn your f***ing house down.”

The relative added:

‘There are some police out there who overdo their authority but Darren isn’t one of them. Darren is a good guy and he isn’t racist. I can understand some of the anger, racial profiling does happen but it didn’t happen here.”

“Darren shot Michael Brown because he was a 300lb, 6ft 5 guy trying to beat that s*** out of him, trying to get his gun. He would have shot him if he was white. He would have shot him if he was Mexican. He did not shoot Michael Brown because he was black.”

“It’s heartbreaking – everything that’s happening, everything about this situation and the lives that are ruined. It’s just heartbreaking what these people are doing to Ferguson.”

“The good protesters should root these people out. These people are destroying everything and for what?”

“It’s not what Michael Brown’s family wants. It’s not what anybody wants.”

“Police are meant to served and protect. They take an oath to serve and protect but they get spit at and disrespected and abused every day on the streets. Why should they protect those people?”

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H/T: Daily Mail

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