Darren Wilson’s Future Looks Bleak

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Despite the fact that a grand jury decided not to indict him on Monday night, Officer Darren Wilson still faces an uncertain future that could be very difficult for him.

Wilson could technically return to his post as a Ferguson police officer, but this scenario is unlikely. Last week, he was in the final stages of negotiations with his department to resign after eight years on the police force.

“It would be senseless for him to go back to Ferguson,” CNN legal analyst Mark O’Mara said. “And I don’t even think he can go back to law enforcement, for the same reason. He is still now going to carry with him this mantle that he was the cop who killed the young black kid that sparked the controversy nationwide.”

However, if Wilson changes his mind, he could make a good case for himself to remain on the force.

“In the end, he has certain due process rights under Missouri law, and they can’t just summarily fire him because he’s unpopular,” legal analyst Paul Callan said. “They will have to prove that he violated some aspect of his employment contract as a police officer, or civil service regulations. Otherwise, he will have a very good lawsuit.”

“If I’m the mayor of Ferguson, believe me, you would want that cop out because you know that he will be controversial,” he added. “He will be distrusted by the citizenry and maybe subjected to abuse when he’s out on the street. It’s just going to be nothing but trouble. They’re going to find a way to get him out. They may try to buy him out.”

While the future of Wilson’s job remains uncertain, one thing is for sure: he will face numerous legal battles that could take years to be resolved.

First of all, Wilson is currently under investigation by the federal justice department for potentially violating Brown’s civil rights, but legal analysts believe that this case won’t go very far.

“A federal investigation for civil rights violation is very difficult to accomplish,” O’Mara said. “You really have to show that the person acted with the intent to take away your civil rights, meaning I did what I did because you’re black. That’s a protected class.”

The justice department could also bring charges against Wilson for the killing on a federal level, which they could very well do if the pressure from protesters continues to mount.

The police officer will likely also face a wrongful death lawsuit from Brown’s family, who may end up being rewarded for all their race-baiting with a large chunk of cash.

Finally, Wilson be forced to live with the fact that liberals everywhere hate his guts and want nothing more than his head on a platter.

With a future like that, life will surely be very tough for the vilified cop.

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