Michael Brown’s Mom Goes Off: “You Motherf*ckers Think This is a Joke!”

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The mother of Michael Brown was doing her best to incite violence on Monday night, after the decision reached by a grand jury not to charge officer Darren Wilson was released. Wilson, a white police officer, fatally shot Brown on August 9. The black 18-year-old was unarmed, but he attacked the police officer and reached for his weapon. Officer Wilson had the injuries to prove it.

Lesley McSpadden, Brown’s mother, subsequently profited off her son’s funeral by selling t-shirts and went jet setting around the world to visit the U.N. while her son’s lifeless body remained in an unmarked grave. This is not a woman who was going to stay home and quietly grieve while angry race rioters protested in the streets of her home town.

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McSpadden was sure to squeeze as much publicity out of last night as she possibly could. In a speech which almost sounded rehearsed, she shouted at protesters amid a crowd of black supporters. “Defend himself from what? From what? What was he defending himself from? Tell me that. Some of you motherf*ckers think this is a joke!” McSpadden was referring to Wilson’s argument, which was substantiated by evidence, that he shot Brown in self-defense as the giant black teenager rushed towards him.

“This ain’t no f*cking game,” said a voice in the crowd.

“They think this a f*cking joke!” yelled McSpadden. “We with you,” responded the crowd. “They want him back in Ferguson, I can’t get nobody back!” shouted McSpadden to her adoring fans, which was met with resounding professions of love for the grieving mother.

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It’s unclear who McSpadden believes to be joking around about the situation. On the contrary, those who believe Brown’s shooting was justified took matters quite seriously. Gun sales skyrocketed in the greater St. Louis area as fearful families prepared for violent race riots. Additionally, the National Guard was sent to assist local police in attempting to keep the peace.

“Y’all know ya’ll wrong,” said McSpadden as she pointed to people out of view of the camera. “And anybody out here don’t think so, I don’t give a f*ck! They wrong!”

“It ain’t over,” said one supporter, possibly referring to the fact that the Brown family plans to file a civil lawsuit against officer Wilson.

“Everybody want me to be calm. Do you know how them bullets hit my son? What they did to his body as they entered his body? Ain’t nobody had to live through what I had to live through,” lamented McSpadden. “They don’t care about us! F*ck them!” shouted the crowd. “No justice, no peace!”

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Unfortunately, many mothers have been through the same grief as McSpadden, though for a far more noble cause. As inner city streets erupt in violence over the Michael Brown case, no one bothers to think of the families who have lost loved ones fighting for our country. Michael brown was a thug. He robbed a convenience store moments before the altercation with Wilson; he had a criminal record; he was pictured flashing gang signs; he rapped about murdering innocent people. He was a thug. Yet all of this attention is paid to him and none to the good men and women who have died serving our country. Something is wrong with this picture.

If Lesley McSpadden really wanted justice, then she would be content with the grand jury decision put forth by the American justice system. Clearly, she does not want justice, she wants revenge. Though the family of Michael Brown repeatedly asked that protesters not become violent, lest they dishonor the memory of their little angel, it sure looks as though McSpadden was doing her best to incite violence on Monday night.

Was this just a mother grieving in her own way? Or is Lesley McSpadden milking her fifteen minutes of fame? Give us your take in the comments section.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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