Major Newspaper Forced to Pull “Racist” Obama Cartoon

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In response to Obama’s executive amnesty, the Indianapolis Star published a political cartoon by Gary Varvel, which some considered to be racist. Jeff Taylor, the paper’s executive editor, said Varvel “did not intend to be racially insensitive in his attempt to express his strong views,” but pulled the cartoon anyway, saying ”we erred in publishing it.” Obviously, Varvel does not support giving 5 million undocumented workers amnesty.

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Taylor explained that all of the uproar was over a mustache:

“The cartoon depicted an immigrant family climbing through a window of a white family’s home as Thanksgiving dinner was served. I was uncomfortable with the depiction when I saw it after it was posted. We initially decided to leave the cartoon posted to allow readers to comment and because material can never truly be eliminated once it is circulating on the web. But we are removing the cartoon from the opinion section of our website, as well as an earlier version posted on Facebook that showed one character with a mustache. This action is not a comment on the issue of illegal immigration or a statement about Gary’s right to express his opinions strongly. We encourage and support diverse opinion. But the depictions in this case were inappropriate; his point could have been expressed in other ways.”

Another racist mustache heightening the racial divide in America…

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Here’s the original version of the cartoon:


And here’s the edited version:


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You be the judge. Was this cartoon racist? Sound off below!

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