Patriotic Crowd Humiliates Obama By Chanting This At Him

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Obama travelled to Las Vegas last week as the first stop on his tour to explain his Amnesty plan to the public, but things didn’t quite go according to plan…

Obama was undoubtedly expecting support in the liberal city, but he arrived to a very different scene. Instead of being met with love, the President was met by a group of patriotic Americans who were not afraid to tell him exactly what they thought of him and his latest plan.


White House correspondent Lesley Clark reported that the crowd of protesters chanted “Worst President Ever” at Obama as he arrived and exited the venue of his speech Thursday.

The patriotic protesters were armed with signs that said things like “Impeach Obama,” “No Amnesty,” “Stop Illegal Immigration,” “Oust Obama,” and “America Supports Legal Immigrants.”


The chaotic scene surely burst Obama’s bubble and momentarily ripped him out of the denial he is in over his reputation with the American public.

The next day, the humiliated Obama nursed his wounds the only way he knows how: by playing golf. Our President spent the day at the ritzy Shadow Creek Golf Course, where a round of the game costs $500.

I guess Obama’s denial is even stronger than we thought…

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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