Could Darren Wilson Be Indicted Just To Calm The Protesters?

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As we continue to wait for the Grand Jury’s decision in the Ferguson case, it is becoming more and more unclear whether or not Officer Darren Wilson will be able to escape indictment.

Just last week, it seemed as if Wilson not being indicted was a sure thing. However, after a full week of devastating riots in Ferguson and across the country, it looks as if officials may put pressure on the Grand Jury to indict, just to assuage the protesters.

Since reports came out suggesting that Wilson would not be charged, the rioters have upped their game. They have made major threats against both police and the general public if Wilson is not indicted. Just last night, protesters marched from the suburb of Ferguson into the city of St. Louis, shutting down a highway and wreaking general havoc along the way.

In response to this increase in violence, Ferguson has declared a National Emergency. Schools in the city are closed this week, and the general public has been encouraged to stay in their homes as much as possible.

Ferguson officials are undoubtedly terrified about what will happen if Wilson is not charged. The revenge from protesters will be swift, and it will be very difficult to stop them. Even though indicting Wilson would be a clear miscarriage of justice, it would also probably come as a relief to some people in Ferguson who are living in fear every day.

At this point, it still looks likely that Wilson will not be charged. However, if Wilson is somehow indicted this week, it won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why…

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