Law suit: Homeschool Parents Attacked By Officers With Pepper Spray

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September 2011,Maryville, Missouri.  Jason and Laura Hagan, homeschooling parents, were accused of child endangerment due to children potentially living in “squalor”. The Hagans reportedly agreed to a home inspection by a local social services worker. Although they complied, and no report of violations other than a “messy” home were noted, a second inspection was later requested.

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It appears as if the Hagan family obtained legal advice from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) between requests and upon their advice did not allow social service workers to enter their home for a second inspection. When denied entry, the social services workers called the local Sheriff’s office.

Captain David Glidden responded and requested to enter the home. Jason Hagan, according to the HSLDA report, declined to allow the officer or the social services worker entry without a warrant or court order. The responding officer is then alleged to have sprayed Mr. Hagan with pepper spray and when Mrs. Hagan attempted to aid him and shut the door to prevent the officer from forcibly entering her home, she too was met with pepper spray as her children watched. Even the family dog was sprayed.

Captain Glidden then fired his taser at Mr. Hagan who was struck in the back by the weapon. At some point Sheriff Darren White of Nodaway County arrived to back up Capt. Glidden. He is alleged to have assisted in forcing open the door and witnessed both of the Hagans writhing on the floor in pain. Capt. Glidden is alleged to have re-fired the taser up to three times while the talons were still attached to Jason Hagan.

At the end of the chaotic episode, both of the Hagans were arrested for child endangerment and resisting arrest. All three of the Hagan children were taken by social services workers and placed in foster care….for months. Charges against the Hagans were dropped and their children returned to the home.

As of November 14, 2014 the Hagans have filed suit against the Nodaway Sheriff’s office. They have relocated but, according to their HSLDA representative, the children have suffered greatly from the trauma of the incident in their home. The judge in the case against the Hagans tossed it out quickly and stated he would not participate in warrantless entry of a private home. He referenced the 4th Amendment and the rights that should have been afforded the Hagans which were violated.

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