Obama Admits Everyone Hates Him

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Obama has said Republicans were putting a car in a ditch, the House has driven grandma off a cliff, and he even made a reference to Congressional Republicans having to sit in the back seat…will he not learn that his vehicle analogies are not successful? Even off-putting?

In a recent interview with George Stephanopoulos, the POTUS likened his embattled 6 years in office with “dings” on a used car. He continued by saying he would likely not be invited to campaign much in 2016 because, “Americans want that ‘new car smell’ ” and will want something with lower “mileage.”

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Huh? While the occasional metaphor or tongue in cheek reference to something as trivial as a used car lot could be acceptable when discussing many topics, one must question the seriousness with which Obama approaches his position when he speaks this way about his successor as leader of the free world. He was being asked a serious question about a potential Democrat candidate for the White House and he starts making goofy car references. Both he and Stephanopoulos kept looking down and grinning as if giddy, so maybe there was a joke in progress of which viewers were not aware?

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Assessing his statement in its entirety, there is a bit of refreshing truth telling in there. He appears to finally be aware that the American people are weary of him. He implied that he and the former Secretary of State still speak regularly and that she is a “friend” who would make an outstanding President. With his current approval rating, Mrs. Clinton might prefer he not endorse her in any regard whatsoever. He praised her as Secretary of State, perhaps Benghazi has slipped his mind, but fell short of actually giving her a rousing approval for 2016. He began, “well, she hasn’t announced…” and ended referencing “a number” of potential candidates.

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While all of that may be true, it is still uncomfortable to hear a “statesman” discuss the political process in such terms. Even worse, when discussing the next two years, he stated that “every single day” he wants to “make life better” for the American people. Noble, yes. But how many executive orders can he produce in two years that could improve the lives of the American people by his standards? Disconcerting.

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