K9 Partner Saves Deputy: EPIC

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Though this is only a training video, the valor and value of the K9 in training is unquestionable. The mission statement of Irondog K9 Solutions, who shot the training video, says it all: “We train these dogs for real life situations. They learn to fear nothing – and they WILL protect us” – Paul Ludwig, owner.

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What you are witnessing in this graphic, real world scenario is a  K9 being deployed when the passenger of a suspect’s vehicle attempts to sneak up on the deputy from behind. As the Deputy observes a gun in the driver’s waistband, efforts to get the suspect to put his hands up are futile. A hidden second suspect makes an attempt to get behind the officer who hits a door release allowing his K9 partner to engage. Focusing on the primary suspect is necessary for the officer as the primary suspect is armed. The K9, however can focus on the second suspect and fearlessly apprehends him. In a real life scenario, this action would be life saving for the officer.

What the K9 trainer is demonstrating in this live action training video is that amid gunfire and chaos, the K9 partner does his job. By engaging the second suspect and having his partner’s back, the deputy is saved from impending harm. The Deputy is also shown acting in accordance with protocols securing the primary suspect, giving an order to the suspect subdued by the K9, and retrieving the weapon that puts everyone involved at further risk. Both “officers” in this training video acted precisely as expected.

The K9 is an IrondogK9 trained Malinois, Belgian Shepherd, named Blu. Both Blu and his human partner react to a scenario in real time under the most genuine circumstances possible. Though the suspects in this case were not actual criminals, the stress felt by deputy and K9 alike were real as were their reactions.

As described by the individual who released this video on YouTube:

The Handler is thrown into a suspected narcotics smuggling traffic stop with only one person (driver) observable. The K9 is faced with target acquisition, gunfire, deployment from the vehicle, and an all out fight with the decoy. Real Life Training to survive on the streets. The K9 does not know the difference. Train to survive!!!

Irondog K9 trains dogs for use in police departments, the military, and private security.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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